Three Simple Steps to One Workable Plan

What’s the magic in one?  One company, moving in one direction, with one vision, working from one overall guiding plan.  Sound simple?  It’s simple but it’s not easy.   Ask any business owner what frustrates them about the planning process and their primary complaints are that it becomes too complicated, too cumbersome and too hard to manage.  The key is to take the complex and figure out how to communicate it in a simple way.  The three steps I use in my CG one process are 1) Create Clarity 2) Focus Behaviors and 3) Measure Results.    

  • Step 1: Create Clarity. Start by getting really clear about what you’re building. Can you describe it on one page? Is it clear enough that you can share it with anyone in your company and they would understand where you’re leading the company?

  • Step 2: Focus Behaviors. You need to determine what behaviors will get you to the vision you have. If you want different results, you’ll need different behaviors. What are those behaviors or activities that need to happen consistently in order to produce the results you’re looking for? What kind of training and development might be needed?

  • Step 3: Measure Results. What are the key metrics you need to meet and how will you evaluate your progress on a regular basis? Be sure to look at both leading and lagging indicators so you’re looking both forward and backward. Then bring visibility to those metrics—the leadership team needs to be evaluating results on a regular basis and asking,What’s working, what’s not working, and what needs to change?”

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