Personal Assessment

Dig deeper. We know your privately-owned or family business is filled with all kinds of different personalities. Some behaviors become roadblocks.

It’s time to get personal and figure out what makes your team tick.

The CG one Personal Assessment gives you answers to the questions you’ve been wondering about with your people. That way, you can grow together as a team, improve profitability and achieve goals.

Business Is Personal. You can’t take the personalities and behaviors out of a business—but you can understand them, reshape them, and reward them. A Personal Assessment helps you identify people problems so you can implement your business plan, and continue to grow and thrive as a team.

Grow Self-Awareness. The Personal Assessment evaluates personal motivation and behavioral style. It also provides practical advice on how to best manage and lead based on the results. You’ll learn to embrace different behaviors to achieve different results, and you’ll grow personally as you become more self-aware.

Engage Your Team. Move forward together, in the same direction. Work from the same plan, and understand what motivates and engages your people. The Personal Assessment will show you how.

Ready to get started?