Welcome to the Coughlin Group and to CG one, a practical business planning process you can actually implement. Through CG one I will help you to:

Create clarity about what prosperity looks like for you and what might be impeding it.

Focus behaviors that take your business to the next level through one workable plan.

Measure the results of your plan through ongoing, hands-on performance management.

CG one has been developed over my 20+ years working with a variety of privately-held and family businesses.

With CG one, your entire management team will be moving in one direction, with one vision, working from one plan.

Jeanne Coughlin


Since 1993, Jeanne has worked with business owners and management teams to create clarity, focus behaviors and measure results. Her mission is to be a catalyst for the prosperity and success of privately-held and family businesses.

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  1.  Accountability
  2.  Transparency
  3.  Commitment to Change
  4.  Smarter Choices
  5.  Stronger Management Team
  1.  Vertical and Horizontal Alignment
  2.  Improved Organizational Focus
  3.  Important Things Get Done
  4.  Effective, Consistent Communication
  5.  Return on Your Investment

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