Something’s getting in the way. Let’s figure it out and fix it. Together.

What’s stopping you from becoming more profitable? What’s impeding your growth, efficiency, or culture? Coughlin Group will help you create a practical plan for changing what’s not working, and then help you see it through to success.

We help family businesses reveal their real needs, create one practical plan for meeting those needs, and implement positive change. And that helps your family business get the right things done in a real, sustainable way.

Sound like a good plan? Here’s how we do it.


CG one: Simple Steps Toward Positive Change

A practical business planning process you can actually implement, support, and measure.

Gain Clarity: Figure out what’s getting in your way and why

Focus on What Matters: Target actions that make a difference

Measure Results: Measure performance, create accountability with coaching and support

With Jeanne Coughlin and the CG one process, you’ll identify roadblocks and get the plan and support to take your family business to the next level, no matter where you are today.

Jeanne Coughlin


Ready to get started?

Business is personal—and digging deep to uncover what’s important requires a careful process and ongoing support. Since 1993, I’ve been working with business owners and management teams to get the right things done. As a result, clients embrace change, grow and prosper.

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