The CG one Toolbox

CG one jumps into action with a complete set of tools for every step of the process. You’ll learn more about yourself, your organization and your team during this process than in all the years you’ve worked with each other.

CG one Tools help you get the job done.

Support Planning. There are so many business planning tools out there it can make your head spin. It’s hard to know what will work for you. The Coughlin Group relies on three key tools to guide the CG one process.

Business Planning System: A proprietary One Page Business Plan that lives on the cloud and is adapted as you create and achieve goals.         

Personal Assessment: A deep-dive tool that elevates self-awareness by identifying personal motivations and behavioral styles.

Organizational X-ray: A research-based assessment that identifies vital areas of focus based on where you are on the growth curve.

Adapting the Process. Because every business is different, these tools and the overall process is tailored to your culture, goals and needs. You might spend more time focused on a Personal Assessment, or your CG one process might require greater focus on the Business Planning System. We walk through this together.

A Plan That’s Yours. The CG one process and tools give you a system and plan that you own. It’s uniquely yours because we align it to speak to your growth, your people, your goals and your dreams for the future.

Explore the tools.