Are you frustrated by a lack of clarity and focus on the future of your business?


• How do you define success?
• What are you building—what will it look like & how will you describe it?
• What are you trying to accomplish in your business?
• What’s working?
• What’s not working?
• What do you think are the root causes behind what works and what won’t?
• Break down these complex issues into simple communication.

Do you have a clear picture of where you want to take your business, but it only exists inside your head? Or, do you see potential in several different directions, and aren’t sure which path makes sense? The common denominator for all business owners is the desire for clarity and focus in planning whether you’re starting from scratch or dusting off and refreshing an existing plan.

CG one helps me design and facilitate structured conversations about planning, which generate clarity on issues that matter most to the future of your company.  

Our process for creating clarity may include the use of an Organizational X-Ray — a diagnostic tool that identifies ‘hidden agents’ that lie beneath the surface, but create obstacles to growth. Creating clarity also includes capturing and documenting your plan in a framework that engages all members of your management team. The framework I often utilize is the One Page Business Planning & Performance Management System®, a cloud-based planning framework that includes monthly scorecards & progress reports to ensure equal focus on the implementation and measurement of the plan results.

Learn more in the quick video below.