Are You Frustrated by a Lack of Clarity and Focus?

Do you have a clear picture of where you want to take your business but it’s ‘inside your head’? A common desire for all business owners is clarity and focus in planning whether starting from scratch or dusting off an existing plan.  

Some questions you can ask yourself to gain clarity include:  

  • Why does this business exist?

  • How do we behave (core values)?

  • How do I define success?

  • What’s most important right now?

Write down the answers to these questions and revisit them over the period of a few days.  Then share and discuss the document with your leadership team.  Ask them if your description matches your actions and if their perception of what you’re building is different.

Creating clarity means that you know where you’re headed and not being taken to some accidental place like a leaf carried by water in a stream.  There’s a great quote by Lily Tomlin where she said:  “I always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific.”  Every day we’re creating something, either by accident or on purpose.  Having clarity about what you’re creating will guide your decisions and help you prioritize your next steps.

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