Focusing Behaviors Is All About Decision Making

You’ve heard the saying, “if you want different results, you need to have different behaviors.” But how do you make that happen?  If you ask most people they will tell you they struggle with focus because at any given time there are a multitude of things they could or should be doing.  Adding to the challenge is that all of these things are often important.  

One of the best ways to focus behaviors is to create a business plan.  That may sound counter intuitive to people who think of a business plan as guiding future decisions.  In reality, a well written business plan helps guide day-to-day decisions now, by providing a roadmap for where you’re headed.  Your life today (business and personal) is the sum total of all of your choices up until now.  There will never be enough time to get all the possible ‘important things’ done, so it’s critical to make sure you’re choosing the right ones.

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