Results Worth Measuring

You’ve probably heard the saying, “measuring everything is like measuring nothing.”  The reverse is also true though, “measuring nothing is like measuring nothing!”  Many business owners get overwhelmed when they contemplate what they should track beyond the obvious revenue and profit goals.  Some of this may be due to past bad experiences in roles with pointless reporting.  While it’s true that measuring activity for the sake of measuring is a waste of time, it’s also true that without quantifiable goals, you have no way of evaluating your progress.  

The truth is that measuring even seemingly small things can be the key to getting different results.  Want to have better results in your social media activity?  You’d better have the goal to spend time doing it each day.  Want to build healthier relationships with your employees?  You’ll want to identify specific touch points and determine how frequently you want them to happen.  The key step in this process of course, is creating a mechanism for consistent tracking and evaluation of how your results compare to your stated metric.  Providing visibility to your results provides reinforcement to support changes in behavior until they become a habit. 

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