Figuring Out What’s Important

Photo by  Paul Skorupskas  on  Unsplash

Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash

If someone asked you what the three most important things are you need to be focused on this year, would you know? What do you think your managers would say if you asked them the same question?

Most people can identify what is important generally in their business; profitability, customer service, employee morale, etc. But to really make big strides in our businesses, we need to be clear on which areas for change will provide greater leverage--will yield bigger results. Unfortunately the sheer volume of work that most people manage on a day to day basis can make it a struggle to identify those big picture initiatives.

To gain clarity on what’s most important to your business right now; your two biggest sources of information are your customers and your employees. If you don’t have clarity on your three most important areas or initiatives, consider a 30-day plan of reaching out to both employees and customers to solicit their input on how they think you’re doing as an organization, and where they see potential for improvement. Figuring out what’s most important is the first step in directing resources in your organization to where they will produce the biggest results.