What Are Your Game Changers?

Photo by  Mohamed MAZOUZ  on  Unsplash

Photo by Mohamed MAZOUZ on Unsplash

Have you noticed how the phrase ‘game changers’ has entered the vernacular of people everywhere? I like the phrase because it communicates that something is going to turn out differently (and presumably better). I explain a game changer as something that will take your business to the next level. If you maintain the sports analogy, a game changer will ‘move the ball down the field.’

It seems that the origin of the phrase was financial circles. Investopedia defines game changer as: something that alters a company’s business strategy in order to compete directly or indirectly with competitors. A ‘game changer’ alters the way that something is done, thought about or made.

Business strategies that are easy to understand are more likely to be implemented, and the idea of game changers meets that criteria. What are the game changers for your business? Examples could include introducing a new product or service, moving into a new market, or something narrower like implementing an employee retention program. So what are your game changers and have you shared them with your team?