Sales Growth Comes From Daily Discipline

Most of us look at sales success as a very complex combination of skills, techniques, attitudes, and actions joined together in a secret formula.   Scores of books have been written about ‘new’ selling techniques that will lead to greater sales success.

When I worked in professional sales for a Fortune 100 technology company, we received what was considered some of the best sales training in the world.  We spent six months at the corporate headquarters gaining product knowledge and receiving sales training based on the latest and greatest in the industry.

What I discovered in the field, however, was that the single most important characteristic I needed to master to achieve success was fairly simple—it was discipline.  It was the discipline to do the simple things, the steps that make up the sales process, and doing them consistently.

It takes discipline to plan, and it also takes discipline to implement the plan. Since most of us tend to get distracted and our discipline erodes, it’s helpful to find ways to remind yourself of your daily goals.

Discipline is not magical; it’s merely movement . . . regularly, consistently, purposefully.