Everyone Needs a Coach

Photo by  Nik MacMillan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

While talking with a colleague recently I was reminded of this truth, “everyone needs a coach.”  Heck, even professional coaches need a coach!  I was telling this person about how engaging a social media consultant/coach was positively impacting my marketing plan.  Positive in the sense that I was finally executing on it!  

The proverb “physician heal thyself” is true in all professions.  Yet as any consultant knows, it’s harder to apply your expertise in your own business because as is the case for our clients, we get in our own way!   It’s harder to get perspective on our own situation because we’re knee deep in it and we need an objective perspective to bring clarity, focus and accountability. 

So if you’re struggling to execute on an important initiative in your business and you feel frustrated and stuck, you might want to consider engaging that business coach.  If you bristle at the thought because you’re technically competent to do the necessary tasks on your own, then ask yourself, if it’s so easy, why isn’t it getting done?