[WEBINAR RECORDING] Working on Your Family Business: Succession Planning...Getting Started.

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Jeanne Coughlin, The Coughlin Group Founder and President, partnered with Sonya Ahola, The Ahola Corporation, and Linda Bluso, Adaptive Knowledge Institute, to present the second webinar in the Family Business Series "Working on Your Family Business: Succession Planning...Getting Started."

Ahola has made the webinar and materials available via its website and you can also view the full webinar recording direct. Further details on the program are below. 

Succession Planning... it's important for all businesses, but it's even more so for family businesses because personal relationships are at stake. Succession Planning can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially since there are many different factors and partners impacted. Learn how to get started on your Succession Plan from the experts.

In this free webinar you will:

  • Learn the 3 key elements of Succession Planning 
  • Create a framework to get started with your Succession Plan
  • Learn 'what not to do' from experts and family-owned businesses who have navigated Succession Planning

View all information at: http://payrollhr.ahola.com/webinar