Selling Solutions Requires Linkage to Implications

Photo by  Nick van den Berg  on  Unsplash

Have you ever noticed that sometimes no matter how diligent you’ve been working with a potential client, they have every excuse in the book to not make a decision? 

You’re asking all the right questions, and getting all the right answers to indicate a fit between their problem and your solution—but somehow the dots are just not connecting? 

Assuming that you’ve correctly identified the problem, the missing piece is the connection between solving the problem and the value of the benefits that will be received.  Implication questions can help to uncover this link.

Framed as “what would be the implication of not taking action?” or “how would making this change impact your (name the performance indicator such as: sales, profit, expense, etc.). 

Asking implication questions helps the prospect think through the impact of the investment and can provide the justification needed to commit to the solution.