Building Measurement Into Your Culture

Measurement is part of the culture of an excellent organization.  Excellence requires having a standard so you know what you want to be good at.  Measurement tells you whether you are. Clear measures help to motivate and guide teams of individuals towards positive outcomes because they provide an objective indicator of progress forward.  An environment with performance measures provides individuals with consistent and clear feedback on their performance.  In fact, learning is rooted in measuring. 

To accelerate learning, organizations should work to have every person in the organization have at least two to three key measures that will help them improve in their roles.

Here are some measures that you may not have considered before:

  • Administrative Expense as % of Revenue

  • Acquisition Cost Per New Customer

  • Training Expense as % of Revenue

  • Lifetime Value of a Customer

  • Employee Satisfaction

  • Revenue per Sales & Marketing Employee

  • Support Calls per Customer

  • Project Estimate per Actual Variance

What other measurements have you implemented?