CG one is the Process

Something’s getting in the way of your business plan. You’ve got goals. But what about direction?

You know where you want to be—but how do you get there?

 Let’s solve the problem together with the CG one process.

It’s One Plan. One Page. One Team that includes your people. You’re not in this alone.

 CG one breaks through obstacles that are stopping change. We’ll figure out what needs to get done, and how. Your team will be accountable and you’ll grow together, improving profitability and implementing positive change.

Ready to start thinking differently about the old business plan?

Your Plan. CG one aligns your team and establishes a single vision and one plan to get you to where you want to be. The process is proven and was developed after more than 25 years of working with a range of privately-held and family businesses like yours.

Your Culture. We’re all different, and so are your people. CG one is tailored to your culture and helps you realize the personalities and behaviors that could be holding back change. You’ll learn to leverage those and work a plan together.

One Plan. One Page. One Team. Together, we’ll create a plan that you and your team will actually implement. You’ll get support and we’ll measure the results.


Ready to get started? Explore the process.