CG one: Tools That Support Your Planning Process

The good news is there are many high quality tools that can be utilized to aid in the planning and performance management process, but there are three that I rely on with the majority of clients:

Stages of Growth Organizational X-Ray™
TTI Talent Insights Personal Assessment™
One Page Business Plan and Performance Management System™

Through my 20+ years of consulting I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate a large variety of tools designed for the planning and performance management industry. I’ve also had the opportunity to be trained and certified in a variety of planning methodologies.  

I’ve been able to test drive and identify the tools that yield the best results for my clients.

Every company is different, so each CG one implementation is unique, while still remaining process-driven. For example, some companies struggle with team challenges, so implementation may require more reliance on personal assessments and team building. Other companies struggle to identify what the real issues are behind the chaos, so they may benefit more from an organizational assessment. Still other clients come with an existing investment in a tool or process, like Traction™, the Gazelle’s One Page Strategic Plan™ or Six Disciplines™, and their goal is almost always to leverage that process with CG one.

Whatever your challenge is, the CG one Process will be individualized to fit your needs. The specialized utilization of a variety of tools will give you a plan that you can actually implement, manage and measure over time.

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