Are you clear on the direction you want to take the business but can’t seem to get your team engaged or execute the plan?

Step Two helps you engage your team and focus.

• Figure out where to focus.
• Determine how to build this over time.
• Identify game-changing initiatives that need to get done.
• Set priorities.
• Create a timeline and stick to it.
• Assign specific responsibilities for action.
• Identify behaviors that need to change to get better results.
You’ve heard the saying, “if you want different results, you need to have different behaviors.” How do you make that happen? CG one helps you identify what old behaviors need to change, what new behaviors need to take place and how to make sure those behaviors are measured, reinforced and rewarded.

To do this I engage your entire management team in the identification of behavior changes both through the planning process and through the use of personal assessments, including the Talent Insights Behavior & Motivators Assessment.

The employee who understands his or her own behavioral style and motivations is better able to learn, adapt and grow on the job. The manager who understands his employees at this level is better able to manage and motivate. Focusing behaviors requires an understanding of both what an employee needs to do (quantitative) and how they need to do it (qualitative).

Learn more in the quick video below.